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When grit and guts meet smarts and science, championships are won.

Introducing AMS by Catapult, the world’s most powerful athlete management platform. Providing insights into athlete training, injury predictions, wellness and performance in conjunction with all of organisation business data to help teams and individuals perform at their optimum. You now have the solution to gather all your disparate linear data from any source, have this supported by your expert knowledge to deliver not a standard “Business Intelligence”, but real immediate insights, trends and patterns.

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Connected & Instant

All your spreadsheets, files, videos, notes, key wearable information, device data and much more, consolidated into one platform. A more accessible and efficient method to capture all communications, all history notes, player availability, physical performance, nutrition, physiological status, overall well-being and so much more. Customisable not just configurable to meet the demands of your sporting organisation.

One Source of Truth

All your data accessible from any desktop or mobile device. Empower everyone in your organisation to analyse patterns and reach new levels of performance through real insights. World breaking technology that provides the solution to coordinate all messaging, training, performance and historical files, team management, physio, sports medicine, Talent ID, 3rd party integration and so much more.

Forged by Sport

The AMS by Catapult platform has been developed by experts in sports and science and has been proven as a solution that delivers reporting on injury and wellness intervention and prevention. A solution that provides science-driven smarts tested at the highest levels of international competition, used by some of the best in the world that understand real innovation and getting real insights from any information source. All without having to recruit and spend on additional analyst resources.

Customizable. Versatile. Powerful.


Modular and Personalized

Module visibility is controlled via role-based permissions. Menu items can be renamed, restructured and reordered.


24/7 Support

Video tutorials, documentation and dedicated support line.


CSV Import

Quick access to simplified data import – whether from Microsoft Excel, GPS devices or existing wearables.


Collaborative Communication

Dedicated messaging and notifications centres coordinate internal and external team discussions – includes deep integration with alerting, email, chat and text messaging.

AMS by Catapult Features – The Elite Advantage

The platform’s complete feature set has the power to drive the largest sports organisation and meet the needs of a wide range of athlete, medical and administrative requirements.


    Whether you are the CEO, Coach, Medical, IT, Administration or Player, find out how Catapult gives you the confidence to make the best decisions.

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