Athlete Welfare

The willingness of the body is a mirror of the willingness of the mind.

Insight into the mental and physical status of an athlete is drawn from collecting qualitative data on mental health and physical wellbeing.

SportsMed Elite offers a mobile solution for athletes to measure daily variables. Over 24 metrics including; injury challenges, stress, sleep and issues around depression and mental health. The software measures and analyzes the daily inputs and provides alerts and changes in patterns of behaviour, which are monitored by permission based staff

Holistic View

As a holistic approach to health, SportsMed Elite factors in the psychological balance of an athlete with daily stress and anxiety logs to help coaches and support staff monitor overall mental wellbeing.

  • A powerful athlete-centric technology solution 
    Providing sporting organizations with a flexible framework of innovative tools to identify injury, health and at-risk athletes, support ongoing wellbeing and prevent future problems.
  • A secure system
    Offering insights, patterns and predictions of trends to present awareness of issues and a proactive means to foster the development of healthy communities.
  • Increase wellbeing
    Minimizes and manages injuries and general health and manage time commitments.
  • Sync all external data sources
    Including Microsoft® Excel, GPS units and wearable devices in one location or portal to save time and ensure ease of communication.
  • Real-time insight
    Gain insight into duty of care elements and results to support the community in real-time.
  • Athlete Access
    Allows athletes to have access to a tool that is used in a secure manner returning results and support actions to them for immediate help or future goals.

Benefits across the organisation

Ease the pressures and allow sporting organisations to cement the foundations for a safe and reliable network.

  • Athlete 
    Ease the pressures of a career as an elite athlete and juggling social life, working commitments and training loads with a safe supportive technology mechanism that encourages positive personal development. Athletes can monitor their own health and wellness, check mental health symptoms, report on injuries and pressures and instantly reach out to their support network.
  • Team staff
    Reduce the pressure, with a flexible and automated system that is adaptable to any sporing environment. The intelligent system recognises important trends in athlete health, alerting key support figures when athletes are at-risk. Instead of time- consuming spreadsheets, SportsMed Elite’s data trending provides staff with instant insights into student health and conflicting issues. Additional benefit of integrating with third-party sleeping devices and apps.

Quantifiable benefits

The importance of monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring
    Daily wellness log captures an athlete’s muscle soreness.
  • Prevention alerting
    Configured alerts enable coaching and performance staff to be informed of an athlete’s pain prior to a training session.