Unique to AMS by Catapult are the full suite of communication tools that facilitate the secure sharing of information within an organisation.



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At times it’s difficult to ensure the appropriate information has been communicated to all involved parties in large sporting organisations.

The calendar function eliminates this risk through real-time syncing with the mobile app. When travelling you can easily alter training or meetings with no time zone worries. Calendar reminders can be set for daily training requirements, weight measures and so forth to ensure continuity of player measures, even during breaks.

Details such as personal files, medical notes and general information, videos, photos and documents can be added to specific events, all accessible through both the web platform and the mobile app. This is invaluable when teams travel around the world and access to information is needed.

Additionally, links with the AMS by Catapult testing facilities allows for customized data capture to cater for all situations.

With AMS by Catapult, you can be sure that your team stays informed


The messaging center provides internal, day-to-day communication tools accessible to both staff and athletes.

From the web platform, send group messages to provide notifications to the mobile app so messages can be received on the go.

Additional features include document sharing such as video from the training day and threaded group messaging, allowing for discussions to take place, which staff can view and disband once complete.

User Profile

Similarly to all aspects of the platform, the profile is protected by permissions so personnel can see the information relevant to their role while respecting the privacy of the athletes.

The profile is a centralized location housing:

  • Personal details
  • Waivers
  • Travel details
  • Insurance details
  • Individual schedules
  • Medical history
  • Testing variables
  • Wellness monitoring