Getting players game-ready has never been easier

Continued improvements ensure that AMS by Catapult is the premier platform of choice for managing elite athletes at the highest levels of competition.

User-centric, player-focused, team-driven.

Recent updates to the Medical Profile actively facilitates collaboration between doctors, physiotherapists, allied health staff and coaches to get players back on the pitch after injury sooner and in better form.

With all the player’s medical history, injury documentation and treatment notes in one easily-accessible place, AMS by Catapult present it back to the each team role in the best format – be it daily summaries, app notifications, data science insights or comprehensive configurable reports.

Here’s a quick whats-new…

New Features

Note-Specific Attachments

To provide more specificity with medical documentation, multimedia attachments can now be added directly to injury notes. By keeping time and event related collateral together, preparing reports is greatly simplified.

Attachments can either be sourced from the user’s computer, the team’s media library or a variety of cloud platforms – and can include:

  • Doctor’s certificates
  • Rehabilitation videos
  • Images of scans or x-rays
  • Pathology reports and results

Attachment options – SportsMed Elite

Once uploaded, attachments can be previewed on the desktop simply by mouse-hovering over the link:

Attachment preview – SportsMed Elite

PDF Summary Export

Via the Print button, the option to export the athlete’s medical history to a PDF is selectable. This generates a chronological report with each note hyperlinked back to the relevant location in the AMS by Catapult platform – with correctly assigned access and permissions, this is a quick way to share and collaborate on an athlete’s injury management.

PDF export – SportsMed Elite

Updated Features

Improved Treatment Notes

Improved workflow enabling notes to be saved as draft or finalized all from the one screen, allowing:

  • Bulk creation of treatment notes
  • Quick access to viewing previous notes and editing drafts

Treatment Notes – SportsMed Elite

Improved User Interface

Collapsible Information Sections
This new addition allows easy and quick access to information-rich sections – data can be input, reviewed and updated without leaving the athlete profile.

Quick Add Note
Without leaving the player profile, adding different note types is convenient with the universal Add Note functionality. With the ability to include attachments, adding to General Medical, Rehab Monitoring, and Soft Tissue Rehab is a breeze.

Expanded Medical Section

Selecting the Medical tab in the athlete profile now includes options to document additional relevant information. By storing this information all in one easy-to-reach area, it can be quickly accessed in times of need.

These include:

  • Immunisation history
  • Allergies
  • Operation history
  • Medications
  • Next of Kin
  • Doctor’s details
  • Insurance policies

Expanded medical tab – SportsMed Elite