Enhance the outcomes of your data.

Filterable, concise and centralized data specific for the needs of your organisation makes the task of interpretation and drawing insights efficient.

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Customizable Reporting

Each organization has unique members, processes and dynamics, therefore adaptable reporting methods are required to fulfill day-to-day tasks.

  • Personalized View
    Choice of data visualisation and report formats, including one-page summaries.
  • Triage Alerting
    Unique 3-tier severity, real-time alerting structure allows for quickly identify high risk athletes and more informed decision making.
  • Minimal Configuration
    Pre-built templates for efficient post-game or training feedback.
  • Individual & Team Filtering
    View reports as an individual, specific group or whole team.
  • Comparisons
    View combinations such as: individual v team, group v group and individual v group.

Reports for Coaching Team

The ability to respond quickly and accurately is vital in elite sporting environments. AMS by Catapult offers a unique tool set that provides efficient feedback allowing the most effective response and counter-strategies to be formulated.

  • Pre-Game Reports
    Analyse the task ahead with all the required information.
  • Post-Game Summaries
    Document notes and performance data for later use.
  • Game-Based Technical Statistics
    Report and track game-based statistics on an individual, group, whole team basis.
  • Multimedia Integration and Sharing
    Add images or clips to game and training reports for a visual snapshot.

Reports for the Strength & Conditioning Team

Reports can be generated for on and off field performance monitoring. The centralized nature of the platform allows comparisons of any data measures, compare maximum speed on the field to peak power in the gym, combine skill load and gym load all in one location.

  • Simple to Use
    Recording a large group? Bulk capture makes collecting mass data a breeze.
  • Brings It All Together
    Comparing multiple data sets such as endurance and agility, or flexibility and strength, all in one report allows you to see any potential trends one variable is having on the other.
  • Old Data, New Data
    Import historical data to SportsMed Elite to ensure your previous work is visible.
  • Individual Reporting 
    Our touch screen system makes player facilitated reporting simple, with visual guided prompts to ensure you are getting the most accurate information from your players
  • Outcome-Focused
    Track your athletes progress, see the week by week, month by month and year by year progression of your athletes
  • Track the Athlete, Track the Team
    Use reporting to view individual targets, monitor entire team performance and monitor specific groups.

Reports for the Sport Science Team

Analyse the body’s biochemical response to training, nutrition and game day stressors for additional insights into the wellbeing and performance trends of an athlete.

  • Holistic Approach
    Collate multiple data sources such as GPS data, body composition, wellness, game statistics, and biochemical and performance tests for a thorough overview of every aspect of training and performance.
  • Monitor & Alert
    Monitor training and competition data to track identify risk and trigger alerts when pre-set thresholds have been met.
  • Efficient
    Pre-set reports and view them over flexible time periods to assist with the day-to-day analysis of training data.
  • Rolling averages
    View custom modules like acute or long-term loads with rolling averages.
  • Filtered reports
    Create personalised biochemical tests or utilise pre-set templates to identify potential risks.
  • Data Integrity
    Data checks occur to monitor for the errors that can occur in the masses of data.

Reports for the Medical Team

Designed to support the monitoring of athlete health and performance, these reports identify recurring injuries and the associated costs over weeks, months and years.

  • Performance vs cost
    Measures the rate and recurrence of injuries, cost projections and athletes at risk.
  • Report customisation
    Generate target-specific reports to effectively communicate with key stakeholders and governing sporting bodies.

Individual Athlete Reports

AMS by Catapult allows for comprehensive, transparent and real-time feedback and assessment of an athlete’s performance.

  • Make sense of big data
    In-depth analysis of an athlete’s health, training and performance history can be used to provide future insight and predict risk.
  • Expertise welcomed
    Predictive data trends allow for the coaching staff to make informed decisions based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Accessible and shareable
    Athletes and staff can assess on and off-field performance data through customised reporting templates, notifications and alerts.