Strength & Conditioning

Pain is temporary. Winning is forever.

AMS by Catapult is a highly innovative platform that allows coaches to set and evaluate their programs and quickly view athlete’s health status. Multiple users can enter and view results creating a seamless method of data collation. The data collation model monitors the overall effectiveness of coaches programming and athlete performance, allowing them to evaluate their work to ensure the highest quality program.

  • Individualised programs
    Design multiple programs for individuals, groups and entire squads.
  • Customize Sets, Reps, Weight
    Programs can be complex, customize each individual set for reps, weight and percentage of 1RM.
  • Printable 
    Print or export single sessions to four-week programs for the individual, group or team.
  • Integrated assets
    In conjunction with our extensive exercise library, create your own media library of exercises for strength, accessory work and mobility.
  • Efficient
    Sessions can be duplicated and then modified, to ensure you are efficiently using your time.
  • Template functionality
    Workouts can be stored in a library to be reused and duplicated at a later date.
  • Set, Modify, Analyse
    Revisit these templates and single session plans after they have been completed, edit them and reuse to ensure your program is as up to date as possible.
  • Accessibility
    Attach programs to calendar events for convenient player access.
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