Team Management

Managing a premiership-contending squad is a high-risk business.

The ability to view key statistics and be alerted of risk factors can mean the difference between planning a finals campaign and facing relegation.

Responsible management of player progress, effective use of staff resources, and maximizing the latest technology is the competitive advantage that AMS by Catapult can provide.


Administration and Configuration

Member Profile

Media Gallery


Third Party Access



SportsMed Elite Dashboard Preview | Powered by SMG Technologies

An intuitive and personalized experience to compliment every staff member’s role and requirements.

The dashboard provides a high-level overview of athlete availability, wellness and performance trends. Designed as a snapshot, the dashboard is customizable for each staff member to view the information relevant to their role.

  • Efficient navigation
    Direct access to specific areas of the platform, such as athlete profiles and full injury reports.
  • Visual feedback
    Quick interactions with displayed information e.g. filter, export, date ranges.

Administration and Configuration

Store, access and analyse athlete, team and organization information.

  • Permissions-based
    Ability to configure different levels of access to various roles, modules, and data.
  • Configurable
    Tests, reports, and workflows can be customised to suit each access level.
  • Asset management
    View, archive and share files including travel itineraries, employee policies, and medical documents.

Member Profile

A single source of truth.

The member profile consists of:

  • Training
    Provides an individualised snapshot of training variables to track progress over weekly and monthly timeframes.
  • Wellness metrics
    Provides insight into the mental and physical status of an athlete – this includes a custom set of metrics monitoring sleep, motivation and muscle soreness.
  • Medical overview
    Highlights injury and illness events with links to the full reports.
  • Media
    A directory of all the multimedia files specific to an athlete, including documentation and video footage.
  • Communication
    Tracks all communication between an athlete and staff, including any staff notes the athlete has been mentioned in.

As the central location for an athlete’s results and information from across the platform, the member profile provides staff with a holistic view of the individual.

This makes reviewing their performance, monitoring their well-being, and collaboration with third-party consultants more effective and efficient.

SportsMed Elite Member Profile Preview | Powered by SMG Technologies

    Anchor your intellectual property to the organization – not in the minds of the people who come and go.

Media Gallery

Upload, access, and share multimedia and document files.

  • Central access
    Athletes and coaches can view, upload and retrieve files such as education material, demonstration videos, playbook, game footage, medical images, or social media policies.
  • File sharing
    Media can be shared between individuals and groups via a variety of communication tools.
  • Mobile accessibility
    Media can be accessed from devices at any time, including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


A winning team believes in, trains towards, and upholds a common goal. Turning up is just the first step.

Time management is important for operational efficiency across the organisation from scheduling training sessions, media appearances and community events among other commitments.

An essential function for all roles within professional sports, the calendar allows quick access to daily schedules, workouts and the ability to set reminders at the touch of a button.

SportsMed Elite Calendar Preview | Powered by SMG Technologies

  • At a glance
    View individual, squad or entire team schedules
  • Personal assistant
    Quick access to daily events e.g. workouts, tests, reminders, appointments
  • Modern interface
    Drag and drop calendar events
  • Work-life balance
    Team calendar can be synced to personal device calendars
  • Offline access
    Events can be viewed offline.

Third Party Access

Securely manage the information shared with external consultants and specialists who are key contributors to the health and performance of an athlete.

  • Time-limited access
    Logins can be created for a selected time period for an external medical practitioner.
  • Data security
    Multi-layered security ensures organisation and athlete Intellectual Property (IP) is protected.
  • Empowered collaboration
    Third party practitioners can record and share data with team staff to coordinate an athlete’s recovery.


A documented and clear record of “who said what” is a necessity of any modern workplace.

A suite of prompt communication and feedback tools and alerts to safeguard athletes from future risks.

  • Real-time access
    Staff are able to immediately act upon information as soon as it is uploaded.
  • Real-time notifications
    Automated risk and injury alerts to notify staff of high-risk activity.
  • Mode options
    Alerts can be communicated via by app messaging, email, or SMS regardless of time, location or device.
  • Custom alerts
    Reminders and alerts can be set via the calendar for a variety of event types.
  • Recorded history
    Quick access to messaging and comments feed.
  • Broadcast and forums
    Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many via group messaging.