Third Party Integration

Achieve new performance heights with combined data intelligence.

In the elite environment data comes from a lot of different places. AMS by Catapult has the tools to collate this data from a vast range of sources.

Third Party Connectivity

Consultant Access

Third Party Connectivity

Combining the power of multiple tools to heighten the team’s potential.

With the functionality to import and integrate expert data sources, AMS by Catapult is designed to leverage and collate existing information to build the full picture for both the athlete and the team.

Be confident with a 360-degree view of athlete training, performance, nutrition, and wellness with one up-to-date source of data.

  • API integration
    SportsMed Elite is built with connectivity in mind to remain at the forefront of sports technology and research.
  • CSV data importer
    Featuring a streamlined data integration wizard, upload data from a variety of sources including GPS, wellness metrics, Microsoft® Excel, and other spreadsheets.
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Consultants Access

Consolidate your information into one source of truth.

  • Effective collaboration
    Save time through allowing consultants limited, time-restricted access to the platform. This allows for efficient and secure information sharing with external parties such as surgeons, dieticians, and performance specialists.