Wellness and Mental Health

When the mind is unbalanced the game is a challenge, when the mind is strong the game is an opportunity.

Gaining an insight into the status of an athletes overall well being is not always determined by physical assessment. With the powerful Mobile App all staff and athletes can update and measure daily over 24 selected variables.

These range from subjective metrics on mental health, physical well being, anxiety levels, sleep patterns, injuries and illness trends. Patterns are then created, with any change in trends alerted to authorised personnel to support individuals when necessary.

The AMS by Catapult App

Supporting the AMS by Catapult platform is the App, accessible to all staff and athletes, easily downloaded on any iOS or Android device. With the mobile app, staff and athletes can:

  • Record injury, health and wellness data in a matter of seconds to map insights into behaviours or patterns. Metrics measured include sleep, stress, fatigue, general soreness, motivation, appetite and mood levels.
  • Individuals receive personalised notifications.
  • User assigned support staff can view real time data in easy to understand reports allowing instant feedback to athletes and staff if required.
  • Record training and performance data for custom metrics that reflect the information your organisation values most.
  • Send and receive group and individual messages for keeping the everyone updated.
  • Access daily schedules, synchronising with personal calendars.
  • Upload video or data files to share pre or post training and game day